Welcome to the website of the Totally and Permanently Incapacitated Veterans’ Association of NSW. The Association was started in 1935 as a point of focus for veterans receiving the Special Rate Pension. The Association is run by TPIs for TPIs.

Our mission is to ensure the general welfare of all members and their recognised carers.

Here are some photographs from our 2022 Christmas-in-July luncheon.

Left to right: Victoria Benz, Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Jean Bright, TPI NSW President Patrick Bright, Len Russell, Chief Executive Officer of AVCAT, and TPI Federation President Patricia McCabe at the TPI NSW Christmas-in-July luncheon, Photographer: Jenny Wang
Left to right: Andy Brown, Vic Demczuk, Analyn Tanomtanom, Jessica Miller and Lita Dodson,
Photographer: Jenny Wang
Left to right: TPI NSW Director Phillip Hurren, TPI NSW Investment Consultant Jean Findlay, TPI NSW auditor Les Pines, Jeni Engel and TPI NSW CEO John Szabo, Photographer: Jenny Wang

TPI NSW is affiliated with The Australian Federation of Totally and Permanently Incapacitated Ex-Servicemen and Women Limited. TPI Federation of Australia videos can be viewed here. A letter from TPI Federation of Australia President Ms Pat McCabe, OAM, outlining the benefits of Association membership, can be accessed here.

Joining the TPI Association
If you are a TPI and are not a member of the TPI Association of NSW, please consider joining us. The larger our Association is, the more benefits we can give to our members. Membership application and renewal forms can be accessed here.